What Our Clients Say

"Excellent service throughout. Razhan is extremely helpful and gave us some great tips that made our trip special. "

Julian Isaki

" We’ve had a few trips with Shyianst, all to southern and eastern Africa, and they’ve been incredible. Going through them costs less than trying to book directly with the camps, and the whole trip is seamlessly organised by the team, who have actually visited all of the camps that they recommend. Stress-free travel!. "

Nova shaba

" I have just successfully booked a ticket with this travel company. Was I satisfied with the service? Absolutely, the agent I have spoke on to the phone, has been very kind and helpful in the process of finding a cheap last minute ticket for a very good price! I couldn’t have found a better deal than what Shiyanst Travel had offered me. Would I recommend this travel agency to a friend? Yes, I will and I will continue to be a happy customer. "

Sophia Hawkins

"First time using this Travel Agency, Loved doing business with them. Very professional, very supportive team. God bless you! "

San West